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Lovely red enamelware
Measuring jug  299 SEK
Red mixing bowl 329 SEK



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Madeleine pans

Bake your own classic French Madeleines!


From 99 SEK

Open bottle here!
Open bottle here,
bottle opener.
119 SEK

Gift card!

A gift card from us is the perfect present for that special one who likes working in the kitchen!

Gift card


Gift cards

Hard to figure out what to give away on someone's special day? Buy a gift card from Leila's General Store. The gift card is folded and nicely issued, wrapped in cellophane and will be sent straight to the recipient or to you.

Gift card
200 SEK
Gift card
240 SEK
Gift card
280 SEK
Gift card
400 SEK
Gift card
600 SEK
Gift card
800 SEK
Gift card
1 000 SEK
Gift card
1 200 SEK
Gift card
1 400 SEK
Gift card
1 600 SEK
Gift card
2 000 SEK
Gift card
2 400 SEK

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