Bunting - Swedish flags

Swedish flags on a rope
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Bunting - Eat More Tacos

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Bunting - Eat More Tacos
Bunting - Eat More TacosBunting - Eat More Tacos

Leila's Sweet Home Collection with design by Leila Lindholm

This decorative flag bunting on a cotton string has 12 double-sided, colourful flags with printed messages such as “Eat More Tacos!” “Planet Organic” and “Go Green!”. The flag bunting is made out of a high quality cotton-canvas that will last you many years from now. Hang these decorative flags in the garden, above the dinner table, in the living room, in the kid’s room or in the kitchen; it is perfect for festive occasions as well as an everyday detail of your own interior. When hanging the flag bunting outside, make sure to take it down if it starts to rain and avoid it being sun-bleached by turning it over and moving it around from time to time – that will keep the colours beautiful and vibrant for even longer.

  • Material: 100 % Cotton
  • Length: 3,5 m
  • Hand Wash, 30° c

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