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Nespresso Maestria Red

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Nespresso Maestria Red
Nespresso Maestria Red

With Nespresso Masteria a fantastic espresso or latte is easily done in the kitchen and you are really your own barista! Enjoy your favorite flavor with over 16 different flavors of Nespresso coffee capsules. The coffee capsules makes it easy to keep the machine clean and you get fresh coffee every time! The coffee machine also has a built-in milk frother which is perfect if you prefer milk based coffee variants such as cappuccino and macchiato. Nespresso Masteria has a practical amount control where you can adjust the size and volume if you want a small or large espresso. Its also included 16 capsules. 

Height: 30 inches 

Width: 17 cm 

Depth: 39 cm 

Weight: 4.6 kg 

Power: 2300 watts 

Capacity: 1.4 l 

Pressure: 19 bar 

Warranty: 5 years

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