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Rolling pin Acorn - Cherrywood

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Rolling pin Acorn - Cherrywood
Rolling pin Acorn - CherrywoodRolling pin Acorn - Cherrywood

This is an exclusive hand-layered rolling pin from the USA. It has a good weight and size so you don't have to work too hard with the dough. It is formed from a solid block of cherries and is therefore very durable. Both ends of the rolling pin are formed with the shape of an acorn.
This is a rolling pin which is widely used by bakers and confectioners. Acorn is rustic and beautiful and its design is nature-inspired and very decorative.
Weight 600 grams
Diameter 6 cm
Length: 50 cm
After use, wipe with a damp cloth. Use bee's oil or mineral oil to bring out the grains of your pin whenever you would like, but at least once a month. Do not use vegetable oil.

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