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Solid Reclaimed Wood Cutting Board, Large

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Solid Reclaimed Wood Cutting Board, Large
Solid Reclaimed Wood Cutting Board, Large

This beautiful, solid cutting board with incredible character and patina is handmade out of sustainable, reclaimed wood that has been collected from abandoned houses and abolished factories slated for demolition in Hungary.
Every cutting board is unique and has its own story to tell, it is a small piece of everyday art that will not go unnoticed in the kitchen. In spite of its story it was redesigned to be used and it is the perfect cutting board for serving everything from bread and cheese to deserts, but it will also look great as a centrepiece on the dinner table.

These hardwood-cutting boards are made of reclaimed wood, and are 100% sustainable. Newly produced by artisans in in Hungary, each piece is created from vintage pine and hardwood. After the wood is fumigated, treated and shaped each piece is finished with eco-friendly, natural beeswax and mineral oil. Take care of your cutting board and it will last you a lifetime! It is a beautiful gift for the newlyweds, graduation or a birthday gift for the happy chef.

• Hand wash only, rinse the board in warm soapy water, scrub lightly and dry immediately with a towel afterwards
• Store your cutting board in a dry, cool place
• Nourish your cutting board regularly with a cutting board conditioner or food grade mineral oil for a long lasting cutting board and a more water and bacteria resistant surface
• Material: Solid reclaimed wood
• Size: 56 cm x 33 cm x 6,5 cm

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