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Paper Doilies for Cakes Pack of 30

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Paper Doilies for Cakes Pack of 30
Paper Doilies for Cakes Pack of 30Paper Doilies for Cakes Pack of 30

Serve your cakes, cupcakes and creations on these lovely paper doilies in pastel colours with white dots and flowery patterns. This thin, lightly waxed paper cake doilie has sweet scalloped edges and in every pack contains doilies in blue with white dots, pink with white dots and a flower pattern on a yellow base. These cake doilies are perfect to place under the birthday cake or a simple Bundt cake, with or without a cake stand. The Doilies can be used underneath your everyday treats or for more festive occasions such as christenings, weddings, graduation, baby showers or birthday parties.

• Contains: 10 pink doilies, 10 blue doilies, 10 patterned doilies
• Diameter: 25 cm, 18 cm, 12 cm
• Material: Lightly waxed, thin paper

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