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Produce candles - Kale

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Produce candles - Kale
Produce candles - Kale

The story of Produce Candles is one of passion and curiosity. Founder and farmers market enthusiast, Bea Burette, began traveling to farmers markets in the Southeast, becoming influenced by the sights sounds and smells in the market place. This candle farmer is fascinated by the diversity of produce and decided to distill the experience with produce candles. 

Tender notes of crisp greens make this a staple in our kitchen and on our table. Full of nutrients and life, it is sure to boost your senses.

  • Weight approx 435g
  • Size: 12x7 cm
  • Burn time: 50-70 hours
  • Wick 100% cotton
  • Packaging: jar of glass with metal lid
  • Country: United States

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