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Pink mixing bowl 26 cm

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Pink mixing bowl 26 cm

Use this large enamelware bowl for making crumbles, carrot cake, or cream cakes. It’s also superb for melting chocolate in bain-marie because the metal conducts heat so well. It also makes an excellent serving dish that looks good on the table. Cream-coloured on the inside, pink outside. Dishwasher proof and suitable for induction hobs!

  • Diameter: 26 cm
  • Height: 12 cm
  • Volume: 4 liter 

Enamel care & tips:

Leilas General Store’s enamel products are manufactured in an environmentally and friendly way in a factory that is self-sufficient with its own water. The products are of the highest quality and are completely lead-free. They are made out of 100% steel and have been glazed and burned with enamel up to three times. Enamel lasts an eternity and the products actually become more attractive by time. The products are very sensitive and can easily be chipped. That’s something to expect, however it does not affect its function in any way. Each enamel piece is unique and made by hand, therefore, there will be minor color variations.

  • All of the products are dishwasher safe. However, for environmental and caring reasons we recommend hand washing.
  • We also recommend that you use Leila’s silicone or wooden tools to avoid scratching the enamel which is something that can easily happen when using metal utensils.
  • They work on all types of cookers (including induction hobs and gas) and can be set in the oven.
  • The cups and bowls are perfect for water baths as they conduct heat quickly and will not crack as easily as a glass bowl.
  • Since the pans are made of steel they will quickly become very hot. Therefore, make sure to keep an eye on them so it doesn’t burn. There is no need to run at full power on the stove when boiling milk or toasting nuts. Remember that also the handles on some of our enamel products may conduct heat quickly.
  • The saucepans are an excellent fit when melting butter, warming milk, cooking sauces, vegetables, eggs, etc. We don’t recommend cooking dishes where a heavy-bottomed saucepan is needed, such as melting sugar or making toffee or caramel.
  • The oven dishes should be buttered and sprinkled with crumbs before baking or cooking with them.


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