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Oven/Serving Dish Blue 30 cm

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Oven/Serving Dish Blue 30 cm

Leila´s classic oven dish has a timeless design and is made out of sustainable, premium quality enamelware. Use it for baking to make carrot cake, brownies, blondies and fudge or use it when cooking everyday dishes such as potato gratins, lasagne and roasted vegetables. The high quality enamel is 100% lead-free, long lasting, heatproof, and can be placed directly onto the stove or in the oven.

• Height: 6 cm
• Width: 18 cm
• Length: 30 cm
• Material: Premium Quality Enamel

Care Instructions:
• Leila´s enamelware is dishwasher safe, however, we do recommend you to hand wash the enamelware
• Make sure to butter and sprinkle the oven dish with crumbs when baking, or use a baking sheet on the bottom
• Avoid metal utensils as they can scratch the enamel, use Leila´s silicone or wooden utensils instead
• The glass coating of the enamel can be harmed and chipped when being subject to thrusts, this does not however affect the function of the product
• Leila´s enamelwares work on all types of stoves, including hobs and gas, and can be used in any type of oven
• The inner core of the enamel is raw steel, meaning they will lead heat on quickly, so lower the temperature when cooking and save energy, there is no need to run at full power

Leila´s enamelware is made by hand and with greatest consideration towards the environment. The enamelware is made out of 100% lead-free steel and is glazed, burned and polished with enamel up to three times. Since the enamelware has a core of pure steel, a natural raw material, they are safe to use for cooking and baking. Neither taste nor smell can be transferred to foods, even when the enamel is subject to high temperatures. The enamel coating is also very resistant towards bacteria and germs. Each piece in our collection of enamelware is unique and made with care; this can therefore cause some minor colour variations and smaller differences.

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