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White enamelware saucepan

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White enamelware saucepan

A gorgeous white enamelware saucepan which I use every day. It’s ideal for everything that needs a smaller pan: boiling eggs, melting butter for cake batters, or as a bain-marie. It fits in beautifully with a rustic kitchen, and makes a perfect present. I’ve hung mine up in the kitchen as it’s so decorative. A tough saucepan that works well on all cookers and induction hobs. Premium quality, my only enamelware pan that is white both on the outside and inside. Dishwasher proof.

 Diameter: 14 cm
 Volume: 0.75 liters
 Height: 7 cm
 Care: Dishwasher safe

This enamel saucepan has been replaced by a new enamel saucepan -1 liter.

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