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Burger press - double

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Burger press - double
Burger press - double

This hamburger press helps you shape perfect American burgers. The metal hamburger press has a handle made that makes it easy and simple to press and shape burgers in a perfect bite-size. Use the hamburger press to shape burgers out of red meat, fish or why not try a healthy veggie burger this summer? Pressing helps the meat or vegetables keep their shape while cooking. Serve the burgers  with sweet potato fries on a sheet of waxed paper in a plastic basket – simple, stylish and very tasty. The hamburger press is also an appreciated gift, combine it with barbeque tongs and an oven glove and you have the perfect gift for the self-declared BBQ-master!

• Hand wash only and dry with a towel
• Before adding contents, lightly spray or butter both the mould and the press with oil or a piece of cling film can be used to easily remove formed burgers

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