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This practical pastry mat made out of heat resistant silicone is perfect for baking pizzas in the oven, creating and cooling chocolate pipings or when baking gingerbread and cookies. The silicone mat will distribute heat evenly when baking, it will not leave any trace of scent or taste and it is a more sustainable alternative to disposable baking sheets. The glossy surface will keep the mat in place when rolling out the dough and it makes it easy to lift the freshly baked creations, without them breaking or getting stuck. The silicone mat has been strengthened with a high quality fiberglass.

• Dishwasher safe
• The Silicone Pastry mat can be used in any type of oven
• Maximum temperature in the oven: 260°c
• Lowest temperature in fridge/freezer: -60°c
• Size: 30 x 40 cm
• Material: Silicone strengthened with fiberglass

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