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About Leila's General Store

Leila’s General Store is part of the Leila brand and is owned and operated by the limited company Walter and Books AB, owned by Leila Lindholm.

Leila’s General Store was started in 2012 by Leila Lindholm and is an online store with the intention of further expanding with a number of high-street shops. Today, all operations are based online with a warehouse in Strängnäs, a flagshipe store in Mood Stockholm, a stores in Gothenburg, Täby Centrum, Mariefred, an outlet in Strängnäs and a head office in Stockholm. Leila’s General Store is a quality brand that offers products of the highest quality, everything carefully selected by Leila herself. Leila had the idea of starting Leila’s General Store as early as 2004 and she has worked for many years to develop the concept and finding the right products. 

Walter and Books AB is the sole agent with exclusive rights for sales and distribution of Meri Meri, Riess and Mosser Glass in Sweden.


Leila’s pastel enamelware:

The highest quality enamel kitchenware made by ninth- generation enamel makers. Saucepans, oven dishes, bowls, jugs, colanders and utensils.

Premium quality coloured glass:

Cake stands, bowls, lemon squeezers, and sugar bowls in a classic American retro style.


In incredible beautiful patterns, including aprons, towels, napkins, oven gloves, ironing-board covers, bag-tidies, children’s aprons, caps, and bags, and fabric sold by the meter.

Handmade wooden kitchenware with the Leila trademark.

Chopping boards, cheeseboards, pastry brushes, rolling pins, and other kitchen utensils.

Handsome metal kitchenware:

Storage containers, classic pie dishes, cooling racks, baking trays, graters, colanders, and other useful items of metal kitchenware.

Leila’s spatulas in pastels:

Functionality meets quality in these fantastically stylish and elegant spatulas which are heat-resistant up to 260 °C.


Including eco-friendly, biodegradable paper drinking straws, bunting, cupcake kits, cupcake gift boxes, muffin cases, and other fantastic items for parties.

Leila’s Vintage Collection:

Beautiful vintage articles, individually selected and carefully chosen by Leila.

Home & Garden:

Good-looking products to enhance your home and garden.

Leila Lindholm about her product range:

"I’m thrilled to be able to present my new shopping concept to you! Here at my General Store you can find all of my favourite things for your kitchen and home. The products are all of the highest quality, and I have carefully selected and developed them myself. I am especially proud of all my lovely enamelware and textiles.
Functionality and quality have always been incredibly important to me, and they’ve been central in creating all my products—beautiful and useful things to make your own kitchen an inspirational place to be. I truly hope you find what you’re looking for!"


Leila’s General Store
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645 35 Strängnäs

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